330ml Mixed Case (12 x 330ml bottles)


Originally brewed in the Small Batch Brewery, our collection of 330ml bottles has been inspired by flavours and styles from around the world. With our mixed case of 12 bottles, you can sample a little bit of everything before deciding on your favourite!

These beers will be exclusively available via our Online Shop.

Our mixed case of 330ml beers includes:

2 x Smugglers Vintage Ale 7.2%
Brewed with a blend of pale and dark malts, a mix of classic hop varieties and our own brewers’ yeast, Smuggler has a complexity of character that’s well worth savouring.

3 x Bad Habit 8.2%
Bad Habit is a Cornish brewed Abbey Tripel that deserves serious contemplation.

3 x Cardinal Syn 7.8%

Years of dedication to the monastic brews of the Low Countries have resulted in Cardinal Syn, an Abbey Dubbel brewed in Cornwall, that is strong, rich and complex with modest bitterness and dark fruit and treacle aromas.

2 x Sayzon 5.9%

This Belgian style Farmhouse Ale is unfiltered and naturally hazy, giving off the aroma’s of Citrus, pepper & Spice.

2 x Baobab 5.3%

Containing more magnesium than bananas and more vitamins than oranges, the Eden Project sourced baobab powder brings tropical citrus flavours that work perfectly in wheat beers.Otherwise known as the upside-down tree, baobab powder is ethically produced and sustainably sourced. Baobab wheat beer is finished using a Hefeweizen top-fermenting ale yeast, which lends extra banana and bubblegum flavours to the beer.


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