Ellis’s Original

Ellis’s Original (12 x 500ml bottles)


12 x 500ml bottles

It was in 1934 that the breweries of Walter Hicks & Co of St Austell, and Christopher Ellis & Co of Hayle combined forces to create what we know today as St Austell Brewery. We have meticulously researched the old brewing records of the Ellis steam brewery in Hayle, and re-created the beer that Christopher Ellis himself would have brewed over 100 years ago.

Ellis’s Original is a traditional pale ale brewed with the vintage barely variety Chevalier, with a hint of patent black malt, brewing sugar and classic English hops. It is an amber pale ale with great malt structure and a fine delicate aroma of fresh hops.

Pricing: The more you buy, the cheaper they get!1x £302x £28.50 each (5% off)3x £27.00 each (10% off)4+ £25.50 each (15% off)

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Pale Ale




Brown Sugar, Pear Drops, Toffee Apple


Barley Sugar, Marmalade, Peppery Hops



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