Jubel Elderflower Lager

Jubel Elderflower


Jubel was born in the Alps when Tom and Jesse stumbled upon a delicious local beer tradition at a ski bar but couldn’t find anything like it back home. They used the rest of their student loans to brew 5,000 bottles and said that if they could sell them at Glastonbury they’d quit their jobs to do it full-time, and they did.

Jubel’s aroma is distinctly elderflower; the initial taste is fresh and crisp. The floral character is complimented by the the cleanly hopped lager and delivers a light, dry finish. The beer is vegan friendly and gluten free and contains less sugar than a G&T!

Pricing: The more you buy, the cheaper they get!1x £272x £25.65 each (5% off)3x £24.30 each (10% off)4+ £22.95 each (15% off)

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