Nancy Blair (12 x 330ml bottles)


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6 x St Austell Brewery Glasses

The best way to enjoy a St Austell Brewery brew. When you’re enjoying a bottle of one of our award winning beers at home, make sure you serve it in our specially crafted glass. It is the best way to experience one of our fine brews!

12 x 330ml bottles

The sea shanty ‘South Australia’ may be heard being sung raucously in pubs all along the Cornish coast. The song celebrates the arduous voyage and the sweet-heart left behind, Miss Nancy Blair.

Brewed in collaboration with Coopers Brewery of Adelaide, this 5.2% beer is fermented with Coopers unique ‘Sparkling Ale’ yeast and dry hopped with the Aussie hops Galaxy and Melba for a crisp dry palate and a refreshing taste of peach and apricot.

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