Nancy Blair (12 x 330ml bottles)


12 x 330ml bottles

The sea shanty ‘South Australia’ may be heard being sung raucously in pubs all along the Cornish coast. The song celebrates the arduous voyage and the sweet-heart left behind, Miss Nancy Blair.

Brewed in collaboration with Coopers Brewery of Adelaide, this 5.2% beer is fermented with Coopers unique ‘Sparkling Ale’ yeast and dry hopped with the Aussie hops Galaxy and Melba for a crisp dry palate and a refreshing taste of peach and apricot.

Pricing: The more you buy, the cheaper they get!1x £33.002x £31.35 each (5% off)3x £29.70 each (10% off)4+ £28.05 each (15% off)

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