Summit 47 – 12 x 500ml bottles

Drawing inspiration from all corners of the globe, Summit 47 is a golden ale brewed at 4.7% abv. The beer’s British base malt is paired with rice from Japan to keep it light and dry. French Fuggle hops are used for bittering, with German Huell Melon and American Summit contributing soft fruit notes of orange, strawberry, melon, and pink grapefruit. Canadian Maple Syrup enhances the malt flavour, while Sicilian lemons deliver zesty, citrus notes.

The result is a delicious golden ale that’s bursting with a kaleidoscope of flavours and perfect for savouring in the summer sunshine. A beer brewed specially for the occasion.

12 x 500ml bottles £29.00 per case while stocks last.


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We’ve been serving up bespoke, limited-edition beers from our small batch brewery since 2014, taking inspiration from beer styles across the world.

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