Tamar Creek 12 x 330ml bottles


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Tamar Creek was brewed in November 2018, by Lee Walker and Roger Ryman, our late brewing director who sadly passed away in May.


Named in honour of the Tamar Valley that runs through the Cornwall-Devon divide and famous for its cherry orchards of yesteryear. Tamar Creek pours hazy deep scarlet red in colour and best served with a vigorous pour. Having been carefully aged on fresh cherries and oak during its 18-month maturation, the aroma is of distinctive ripe cherry juice blended with tannic oak overtones.

The palate is initially dry but, as it lingers in the mouth, the complex sweetness of malt, oak, fruit and a natural sharp acidity comes through, providing depth, complexity and a mouth-puckering tartness. Best served in a challis glass.

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Contains Gluten



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