Westcountry Abbey Ale (12 x 330ml bottles)


12 x 330ml bottles

Belgian Abbey ales are notorious for their strength, however a little more restraint is required from the monks as they dedicate themselves to prayer. One glass of modest strength beer is allowed at mealtimes, so special, weaker beers are made for consumption within the monastery walls.

Rarely seen in the wider world, these brews combine the incredible complexity that is the hallmark of Abbey beers with simple purpose and function to provide refreshment and nutrition during the day of work and dedication.

Westcountry Abbey Ale is an all-malt brew with aromatic noble hops and the complex signature of Belgian Abbey ale yeast.


Pricing: The more you buy, the cheaper they get!1x £31.002x £29.45 each (5% off)3x £27.90 each (10% off)4+ £26.35 each (15% off)

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