Stout Mixed Case


Say hello to our Stout Mixed Case!

Love a stout, but want to broaden your horizons? Snap up a case and try our takes on the classic, we promise you won’t be disappointed…


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Each case features:

3 x 500ml Mena Dhu

Brewed using a blend of six malts – traditional and pale malts for richness and depth, chocolate and smoked malts for a distinctive taste, and malted oats and roasted barley malts to enhance the finish.

3 x 500ml Seirios

The last release in our Small Batch Series 2023, Seirios is a salted caramel fudge cake stout. This warming and decadent pastry stout was made using Cornish Sea Salt and dairy-free fudge. Jam packed with dark and caramel malts, this full-bodied beer is a dessert in a glass and the perfect tipple on a cold winters evening.

2 x 330ml 2021 Black Square Imperial Stout 

2 x 330ml 2022 Black Square Imperial Stout

2 x 330ml 2023 Black Square Imperial Stout

Black Square was originally conceived and first brewed in 2014 by our late Head Brewer, Roger Ryman. Brewed at Christmas time each year, and matured in oak casks for a further 10 months before being bottled. Each year offers slightly different flavours and nuances, and are a true delight for the taste buds!

6 x 500ml bottles + 6 x 330ml bottles

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