Black Square

Black Square (12 x 330ml bottles)


12 x 330ml bottles

When Kasimir Malevich exhibited his first ‘Black Square’ painting in 1915 he redefined modern art during a period of intense social and political upheaval across Europe, making the break between representational and abstract painting.

Honouring the simple purity of the artwork, 12.5% Black Square has been developed in collaboration with New Riga’s Brewery in Moscow as a contemporary interpretation of the classical porter originally shipped to the Russian court during the Imperial era.

Matured over a period of several months, spending time in both oak casks and steel tanks the beer is strong, rich and complex with powerful alcohol carrying a rich balance of tannic oak, bitter chocolate and berry fruit.

Pricing: The more you buy, the cheaper they get!1x £45.002x £42.75 each (5% off)3x £40.50 each (10% off)4+ £38.25 each (15% off)

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